Fragrant Roses: The Best of the Bunch

Many times, the desire for wonderfully fragrant roses is the precise reason why people decide to plant roses and get into rose gardening.

Is this true of you? I know it was of me. I just loved the scent of roses. Fresh, enticing… what more can I say? except plant roses, and then plant roses some more.

The rose attracts some people to it for its unique shape. But you’ve got to admit, most people are attracted primarily for its smell, which is why so many people plant roses.

It’s as much the fragrance as the tradition that drives women to request roses for birthdays, Valentine’s Day, or anniversaries.

In fact, fragrant roses are a fantastic way to say “I love you,” and “I think you’re as sweet and as wonderful as the rose is.” That is pretty sweet and wonderful and how marvelous to think that you’re as grand as the picturesque rose! We all want and need to feel that special.

Have you ever wondered what the sweetest smelling rose is?

An association called the All American Rose Selection (AARS) picks the top roses each year in the US. Every year for the last several decades the AARS has judged roses in many different categories and on several criteria.One category that’s especially popular is the Most Fabulous Smell. I love that name! You can just imagine how difficult it would be for the judges to choose just one, but they do manage to find a winner every year.

Before I get too far into the description of the most sweetly fragrant roses, let’s look at a few definitions of roses….

Definitions Related to Fragrant Roses

  • Climbing Roses – A type and species of rosebush that can be found growing wild along gardens or along fences. They are also found in the wild growing freely in different zones of the US.
  • Floribunda Roses – Typically, the floribunda has small blooms with five, or even more, growing in a cluster-like formation on the stems.
  • Hybrid Tea Roses – This type of rosebush is cultivated and genetically engineered to produce a lot of different styles of roses. A very popular type of rose.

The Most Fragrant Roses Today


For the latest update on a few hardy, (according to the AARS), and sweetest smelling roses, you might like to stop at your local gardening store, and take a whiff of these elegant roses and their unusual scents.Double Delight Rose – Won the award in 1977 and has a climate growing zone in the 9 – 5 category. It’s spicy sweet, with petal colors of white to a pale pink center and is a hybrid tea rose.

Elle Rose – Won the award in 20005 and its growing zone is the 7 to 10 category. Has a fruity smell of sweet, and its petals are a light pink with long stems. 4 to 5 in. blooms.

4th of July Rose – Won the award in 1999 and has a growing zone in the 5 to 9 category. It has the distinction of being the first in a long time of winning for the climbing rose category too. The last climbing rose to win was way back in 1977.

The arch and span of this climbing rose bush is big, it reaches 10 to 14 feet in width. Its typical red, white, but not blue blooms celebrate the US in the grandest way.

Honey Perfume Rose – A beautiful floribunda that is extremely hardy. Growing zone is 7 to 10. Nice colored yellow petals leave a spicy scent for the nose.

Memorial Day Rose – Hybrid tea rose and good for climates that are hot, in the 7 to 10 category. Won in 2004 and it has a heavy old fashioned damask rose fragrance that will engulf an entire room with only a few petals. Big smell if you like heavy scents or sweet smells.

Midas Touch Rose – A hybrid tea and it won in 1994. Its growing zone is in the category of 4 to 9. Grows tall and reaches a height of 5 feet and up. It has golden 4 inch-blooms with a sweet heavy scent.

Mr. Lincoln Rose – Another hybrid tea rose that won in 1965, and has a growing zone of 4 to 9. A deep red color is on the petals, and it has stiff stems to hold it upright.

So, there you have it… the most fragrant roses on the planet. Enjoy!